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About us

We are R-BOT Gdynia Robotics Team from Gdynia in Poland. Robots are our hobby and passion. We create, think, solve problems and most of all gain experience and knowledge for future work with robotics and automatics.

Team members:
Aleksander Szulc - software engineer
Maciej Ziółtkowski - mechanical and electronics engineer



Year of birth: 1994

Place of residence: Gdynia/Warszawa

University: The Warsaw University of Technology, The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, specialization Informatics

Achievements: finalist of Polish Olympiad in Informatics, scholarships of Prime Minister, Gdynia City, Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship, Student of The Year (High School no. 3 Gdynia, Junior High School no. 1 Gdynia)



I graduated High School no. 3 in Gdynia at specialization maths and informatics. In our team I am the programmer - it's me who create robot's soul. Since begining I work with Maciek, we are grear teammates, after so many years we understand each other without words. Now I study in Warsaw - so as you see 294,75km is not enough to stop us from building robots. I enjoy studies, but I miss Gdynia very much. Well if not robots I would be volleyball player or judo wrestler, in the last resort IT specialist. I love sport - volleyball, judo, snowboard, windusrfing, sailling, swimming - everything I can try. In addition I'm interested in algorithmics and learning to play on saxophone. It's hard to find time for all of that. Do I want to do build robots in my future? Definitely yes. 



zioltkowskiYear of birth: 1994

Place of residence: Gdynia

University: The Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, specialization Electronics and Telecommunications

Achievements: scholarships of Gdańsk University of Technology Rector, Gdynia City, Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship, finalist of maths and physics contests, Student of The Year (Junior High School no. 1 Gdynia)


I graduated High School no. 6 in Gdynia at specialization maths and physics. Those subjects are my favourite. Continuing my technology interest currently I study Electronics and Telecommunications at Gdańsk University of Technology. I'm very pleased of this specialization, because subjects I learn there are closely related with robotics, so I can mix hobby and studies. In the team I'm responsible for areas connected with building robots - electronics and mechanics. I have always liked to build. At the beginning it was simple mechines from LEGO, now they are bit more complicated. Moreover I think that robots are not most imporant in life. Keeping fit is also necessary so I like to play volleyball and bowling. In my free time I like to look for news about robots from all over the world and think about machines that I could build. I would like to achieve more and more in robotics and I'm going to educate in this area.